Can subtitles at the end of a movie be fascinating? Yes. If you are autistic

For the first  conte that can be visually adapted and inttime "Snoplex'' presents a unique platform ofended for people on the spectrum - in collaboration with the "Alor'' organization, viewing patterns of 30 children will be examined • Udi Heller, autistic and technology integration specialist

"It's so interesting to him - that on his 16th birthday I edited half an hour of graduation titles from all the movies he loves, swapped parts of the text for birthday greetings, and my nephew who usually ignores the presents he receives, stands in front of the screen and watches every half hour captivated. "Very well. The next day he sent me a message for the first time in his life," Picker was excited

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Turns out he's not alone. A large percentage of people with autism watch end titles, others enjoy watching other content. Lots of animation, series for kids and toddlers, kids songs and technical content that visually interests them like promos, unboxing, trains and lots of other formats, ours look very weird.

The problem is, an adolescent who watches headlines or content for toddlers does not get information from them on how to acquire tools for life such as social situations, money management, road safety and more.

Insights into each child's use and interests

People on the spectrum find it difficult to learn ordinary content in the best possible way, and they miss out on a lot of the knowledge and skills they need to lead an independent life.

Therefore, for the first time in Israel, the Elor organization for people with special needs is collaborating with Snoplex, and it will examine the viewing patterns of 30 children according to the diverse content they choose from the "Snoplex" platform that allows adding filters to the screen, and changing audio and visuals (bright colors, black White, etc.). The team will gain insights into each child's usage patterns and interests, and will be able to use this information to improve care.

On YouTube or Netflix it is not possible to segment content for viewers on the autism spectrum due to their unique patterns, but in Snoplex it is possible - Alor will only allow people on the spectrum to watch content that the platform contains: those who like cartoons can turn everything into cartoons, those accustomed to colors can Black and white and more

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