How to control screen addiction

Want to know how to control your kids' screen addiction and viewing habits, get some tips to help you do that in the best way.

If in the past addiction to screens was only for television, today we have quite a few screens around us, and the sequel that has been close to us all day is none other than the screen of the mobile phone.

Thanks to the quick access to watch movies and also series via the Internet and the availability of many content, some of which are also not appropriate at all, probably not appropriate for children to watch.

All of these ways of accessing screens make the way to control children's viewing habits more complex, you have to deal with a campaign that involves power and strength and it is not a simple task.

One moment before you run to parental guidance just to change your child's viewing habits, get some tips to help you deal with the problem.

How to control screen addiction

How to control screen addiction - these are the steps

Sit with the kids

Instead of letting the child stare at the screens all the time, sit with him, it is true that at first he may refuse you and not Ruth to come, because the screen can be more interesting.

Instead of giving the child a free and boring time where he will just look for employment and find the screen very quickly, all you have to do is sit with the child.

Try to find all kinds of different occupations, such as an interesting social game, one that will make the child be with you and not with the screen.

Start doing sports

But not alone, in the evening these are the main hours when the children sit in front of their screens, take them with you for a short walk in the garden.

Sports activities are always a good thing, you will not find anyone who will tell you that sports activities are something harmful.

Even just a short walk to the mall if the weather allows it and you can go eat ice cream.

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Set rules

You can start setting small rules like: at the dinner table there are no mobiles, everyone leaves their mobiles as soon as you sit down to eat dinner, this is already the beginning and will come out of the most addictive screen.

Set clear boundaries

Setting boundaries not only in terms of watching screens, but in everything else are very important thing for educating children, educating children begins with clear boundaries, the child needs to know what is allowed and what is forbidden and if allowed then how much and how.

As part of setting boundaries, it is also possible to determine what is allowed and what is not allowed, when it is allowed and when it is forbidden.

What happens if the parents are also addicted?

If the addicted parents here will also set boundaries for the child, then the screen will be active in front of him and the way to sit in front of him is very short.

In case there is an addiction of the parents also need to address the problem at the same time, you as parents will find it easier to deal with the addiction (depending on how severe it is) because the parents among us were not immediately born into the amount of screens today. All day.

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