List of series sites for direct viewing:

 Life series - one of the most popular sites you can find in the field of direct viewing, and from what I know is one of the oldest sites.

  • In terms of updating new episodes in all series it can be said that definitely in selected series the episodes are updated.
  • Walla VOD - There is no one who does not know walla as the leading news site in the country, in addition to the platform for watching series.
    Of course, this is the site with the largest variety of series, including series from abroad and not just series.
  • Watch.nexttv - Next TV site, the site brings direct viewing of all the hot series of HBO also brings a lot of series for direct viewing. The obvious advantage of the NEXTTV site is the way all the series are shown, instead of traveling through a lot of pages to get to the series you want, just enter the site and everything immediately comes up in front of you.
    Another thing I must mention about the NEXTTV site which is one of the perhaps the only sites where you can also find documentary content for direct viewing.
  • ICE - Although ICE is a site that is not entirely intended to be a site of series and movies to watch, but it is definitely a very nice amount of content that is mainly from Netflix. In addition, the site has a lot of interesting articles in all kinds of fields, especially in the fields of television, articles about TV presenters about new programs and movies that are going to come out and more.
  • Mako - The site of Channel 12 (after the change made in the separation of Channel 2) On the site you can watch all the series and programs that are broadcast on Keshet channels.
    These are very many series, including series that no longer "run" on screen today.
    You can find a lot of old series that are hard to find on other sites.
  • Movie site - an excellent site especially for watching reality shows, it also contains additional content and many movies for direct viewing.
    The site made its first exposure as the site through which many watched Big Brother.
  • TV network - as you probably already understood that after the split of Channel 2, network and arc broadcasts split, on the network website you can watch Big Brother, and of course other content from the creator of network broadcasts.

These are the 7 official sites where you can watch full series live.

There are also independent sites where you can watch a lot of quality content for free.

Since there are quite a few such sites, I chose to bring you the top three (or rather those that really have updated content and are working properly).

The three sites where you can watch series for free (and more)

  • Series site - we return to the same site again, not only does it have a huge database of series, it has series from all over the world and everything with built-in translation and excellent quality.
  • I organized a site - I really knew this site through the Telegram group, where I saw a really great site that is updated regularly.
    The content is updated both on the website and within the telegram group.
    What is amazing about the website I organized is that they sometimes manage to bring episodes of quality series even before the episode was even broadcast. (I think a bit destroys the tension, but everyone will decide what they want).
  • IL. series - an independent channel that has series and content for direct viewing, but lately it has been updated and not so working.
    Despite this I am adding here the link for those who want to try.

These are the sites where there are series and of course some of them also contain content from abroad.

Some of the things I took into account that preparing this list are not only the access to the content, but also the quality of the viewing.
At each of these sites you can watch any screen size in the series you like and high loading speed.

One moment before you run to blame for your surfing package, it is important to understand that the site you are browsing also has to deal with congestion.

If all this goodness was not enough for you and you are even willing to spend a few shekels to enjoy quality series all over the world, get a list of other sites from all over the world.

Series and movies to watch from all over the world (low cost)

There are quite a few series all over the world, some of which we are less exposed to. Although you can come and watch the series and movies, not all of them will have a built-in translation.

  • Freeform.go - an excellent site that has content from a lot of TV shows from the USA, this site also has content from other places in the world.
    Again a notable drawback is the built-in translation issue, but if you are a language speaker and have no problem with translation, you will definitely find what you are looking for on this site.
  • Justwatch - Another great site, also American.
    The site has a lot of content and it is one of the few sites that I was able to find a lot of old series that ran even here in , such as Beverly Hills 90210.
    Of course they did not spare a lot of new series either.
  • Tubitv - on the site they promise to show you movies and series for free.
    Recommended and excellent site, I personally have had cases where it has not been loaded (although only a few such) as of recently it is working properly.
  • - Perhaps the only site that has lots of new streams for direct viewing, and all in excellent quality.
    For some reason some people I know have reported that the loading of these movies on the tablet did not work properly for them. (I personally have not yet tried to watch streaming sites from a tablet).
  • - shows lots of new movies, good viewing quality but entering the site it shows a security alert from the Google Chrome browser, so it's a bit stressful in terms of secure browsing on the site. Beyond that the site is excellent.

Free direct viewing on social media and networks as well

When Facebook was in its infancy, I was often persuaded to open an account there for the reason "that if you are not there you do not exist."

Indeed it happened and I opened a profile on Facebook (like everyone else in the world).

If you are one of those who can not leave Facebook for a moment and every little thing there interests you, I have made a list of some groups on Facebook where you can find your series.

  • Series Facebook Facebook Group - Although after many times downloading this site that everyone knows, this time they are back and still everything works.
    The Facebook group of a series site is updated in form and brings a respectable amount of content on a regular basis.
  • TVIL's Facebook group - In the group they give instructions on how to change the DNS in order to enter their website and watch the content.
    Although it is a really simple operation, there are many who prefer not to mess with it too much and just watch the content easily.
    Although the group is updated and active on an ongoing basis.
  • Telegram movie group - an excellent telegram group, it has quite a few movies and series, although it is not certain that you will find everything there.
    To find really specific things it is recommended to try through the various sites and less through the telegram and Facebook groups.

And now you spend some money, there is nothing to do despite all the attempts to get as much content as possible for free, there are things that are definitely worth the money.

And I have prepared for you a short and super quality list of sites where you can watch content at a very low cost.

Websites for direct viewing for a fee

TV shows online
  • Netflix - deserves to lead the list, movie series and lots of super cool (and even addictive) content that is simply a must-see.
    The truth is that on Netflix every word is unnecessary and you probably know that once you pay you will get great value for your payment.
    Apple Tv - Even if you have an Android device in your hand and do not have an iPhone, you can definitely enjoy the content of APPLE as of this writing the content is not yet available and it does not work in the country yet, but very soon you will enjoy great content.
  • Cellcom TV - Since Scalom has long been no longer just a mobile phone, Cellcom's television is taking the country by storm. As one who subscribes to Scalom TV, I can attest that really their content level is very large and definitely excellent.
    The big hit with Cellcom TV is the price they pay for watching and connecting to their network.
  • HOT's VOD - Saying TV and content, a synonym for HOT has already become one of the largest TV providers in the country (if not the biggest of them all), the downside is that in order to access content you must have HOT customers who only have this content open to you.
    In addition to the original content, you can watch all the channels that are continuously broadcast through the site.
  • YES - After Hot next in line is of course YES 'satellite TV which is undoubtedly considered Hot's main competitor, here too the same story, the content is only accessible to YES customers.

If you are surfing the web it is very likely that you are doing it with the Google Chrome browser, for everything to work for you perfectly, there are some plugins that you should know that can help you do everything much faster and improve your viewing experience.

Chromium supplements that are very worth getting to know

These are the list of chromium supplements that you must know in order to enjoy much more direct viewing of series and movies online.

Although there are quite a few such plugins, I chose to bring you two quality plugins that I personally work with and really like.

Let's start with the fact that Chrome's browser is not the most economical, but even so, people always like what Google brings us.

But thanks to the extensions that those who watch movies in Chrome have, it certainly delivers the goods in an excellent way.

More readings Movie Rulz

The first plugin is:

The Great Tab Suspender

This plugin is very simple, all it does is while you have several open panes in the browser, if you are not inside the pane, it just pauses browsing to it and thus improves the browsing speed in the next pane.

Once you return to the pane the browsing will resume, which means if you in one pane must be up to date on something and in the other pane want to view Besser, this is the perfect plugin for you.

The second and no less excellent plugin:

One Tab

Works on almost the same principle as the first plugin, once you work with a lot of open windows, it knows how to reduce everything to one pane and thus it saves the use of computer memory and also improves the browsing speed.

Series and content for children to watch live

One of the most important things, of course, is the content for children.

And when it comes to the top of the list of series and content for kids, there is none other than Hop's YouTube channel.

Hope's YouTube channel - contains full episodes from a lot of children's series, and of course there is quite a bit of educational and educational content for the children.

Hop's YouTube channel is definitely excellent, contains lots of series of kids for direct viewing and is fully updated according to the channel's website.

Nickelodeon's YouTube  - the channel contains a lot of children's series, also English series with full translation, one of those famous series of the channel is of course SpongeBob.

In their YouTube channel you can watch full episodes as well as new episodes, sometimes a lot of episodes from a lot of series come first to the YouTube channel even before we meet them watching the channel itself on TV.

And all you have left now to do is choose what you want to see, and start enjoying direct viewing of all the movies and series on all the leading channels in today.

All the most up-to-date live series and movies for 2020 are waiting for you here on the site, cash to enjoy all this goodness for free.

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