Movie translation

Movie translation is one of the special things there is, it is basically an entire industry that has existed since the first movie that came to us in Israel, often very special movies came to us and it was allowed to translate them so that everyone can enjoy the movies and understand what is said.

Movie translation - what is important to know

Doubling meaning:

Each language is different from each other, whether it is a translation of subtitles from English to Hebrew or a translation of subtitles from any other language. Many cases where films with subtitles are obtained and then the subtitles of the film must be interpreted, here the meaning and importance is much greater, sometimes a translation of a film from one language to another includes its meaning, so the subtitles can not be translated directly, but must be prepared And a full translation of the entire film. Each word can have a double meaning, so it is very important to examine the whole sentence being said and only then adapt to it the correct and accurate subtitles that will be done in the right context and adaptation to the slang and spoken language.

Correct wording

More than once, the TV giant Netflix brings us a lot of series from all over the world, which means that the series also comes in a lot of languages. This requires proper wording of the translation of the film and subsequent writing that will be flawless and at a professional level.

Movie translation

Important principles in movie translation

  • A literal and professional translation that is faithful to everything that was originally said, the translation must be accurate and short, a translation that will be readable. There are often situations in which an unprofessionally translated translation leads to a situation where it is impossible to read and manage to understand the meaning while the images and scenes of the film are already changing.
  • Character-adapted translation - for example: if it is a character in a film that is a doctor, or a professor, the language he will use will probably be higher than an elementary school student's language translation in a film whose language is slightly lower, this translation is a major and important basis . After all people connect to characters in a movie, without the right identity along with the right translation it will be difficult to make the connection.
  • Translation lines - All subtitles are shown in movies and series are 2 lines or a line, however there are situations where there are long sentences that are said, so it is very important to adjust the caption you build to fit no more than two lines that can pass quickly and while speaking perfectly.

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